Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New People - Are You Letting The Right People In?

Happy New Year BunBuns!

I hope everyone had a safe and warm celebration last night!

Wanted to share my "Friend/Dating" filter with you.  I was catching up with one of my most cherished girlfriends from college the other day, telling her how this filter has helped me assess who to allow into my life.  

Just like when you go to the club, you can only go into "VIP" if you're allowed through the velvet rope.  Well we gotta pull that velvet rope up on who we let into our lives BunBuns!  

The first set of standards are qualifications a person has to meet in order to be my friend.  The second set are my standards for dating the opposite sex.  Whenever I meet someone new, I observe closely and put them through these filters (not everyone deserves Bunny luv you know?!) 

I hope this set of standards can protect you from people who do not help you grow, nor those that don't have your best interest in mind, and especially those who have the potential to wreck havoc on your beautiful life.  

Does this person have the privilege 
of having you in their life?

• Is this person responsive? (Do they call/text back?)
• Is this person ambitious?
• Is this person dependable? Consistent?
• Is this person trustworthy? Honest? 
• Does this person gossip or do they protect my privacy like a mastiff?
• Is this person positive?
• Does this person add value to my life?
• Is this person there for me when I need them?
• Does this person respect me?
• Does this person add energy to me or deplete my energy? 
• Does this person celebrate me or tolerate me? 

Man Filter
• How do I feel after I’ve hung out with him? Do I feel good, or do I feel bad?  Unfulfilled?
• Does he fulfill me sexually?
• Does he make effort to make me happy, do romantic things, etc?
• Is he supportive of me and my art?  Is he patient with where I'm at in life?
• Am I fulfilled with him? Does he meet my needs?
• Is he engaged with what I’m doing, what’s going on in my life?
• Is he available, engaged in us, present when he spends time with me?
• Is he a good listener?
• Does he disappointment me (often)? Is he ok with disappointing me?
• Is he ambitious? Does he know what he’s doing? Does he invest in personal development for himself? 
• Do I feel secure with him? Or am I always on edge, doubtful of who he’s with and what he’s doing? Does he give me anything to worry about?
• Does he respect me and my time, my engagements?
• Are we moving forward at a comfortable pace?
• Does he make me feel like I can do anything?
• Does he want kids?
• Does he remember my birthday and our anniversary?
• Is he a gentleman?
• Is he entrepreneurial?
• Is he health conscious?
• Does he love the world? Is he good to other people?
Does he want to meet my needs and is he capable of meeting my needs? If either answer is no, run! 

• Is this man GOOD SHIT or BULLSHIT?

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