Thursday, January 29, 2015

Artists: Do You Introduce Your Art Collectors To Other Artists? Why Not?

Happy Day BunBuns! 

I woke up this morning wondering how I can bring more value to others, be more impactful, valuable, and just bring more light around to others in general.  

One thing I'm stepping up my game on is introducing my collectors to other artists that I admire and believe in.  And bringing collectors to gallerists that I think they would enjoy buying from.  Everyone can use more collectors right BunBuns?

This decision was inspired by my amazing late friend Charles Nelson. Back in 2003, I had an open studio and Charles brought his collectors to come and buy my work. It meant the world to me.  He believed in me, liked what I was doing, and believed in me enough to go the extra mile in bringing his own collectors just so they can know that someone like me exists.

What great confidence, expressed through such kindness! That kind of kindness is truly an expression of his own confidence in himself and his work as an artist.

Charles came from a place of love, abundance, and spirit instead of fear, ego, and scarcity. Even though a lot of artists choose to keep to themselves, unwilling to share their success strategies with other artists and often competing fiercely with each other, Charles set an example of the kind of artist that I want to be. 

How much better will your life be as a result of doing this on an ongoing basis?  How many wonderful things are you missing out on by not doing this? 

Are you afraid your collector is going to buy other artists' work and not yours?  If that is an insecurity and concern (and understandably so), you have to realize that YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE.  You're an apple, this other artist is a carrot. This other artist can never do what you do the way you do it so once you realize this, no other artist is ever a threat. You also end up being more inspired by other artists after you realize you can never do what they do either. When you accept this, you're then able to bring value and abundance to others, confidently and kindly.

I encourage my fellow artists to pick out a few artists and galleries that you believe in and admire, and start bringing your collectors to their studios and openings.  Do it for the rest of the year and let's all take note of the positive results from giving confidently, kindly.

Yee! Let's get it BunBuns! Love your way to success! 

* Thank you in advance for sharing my posts if you feel they can make someone's life better 


Ed said...

Great post! I'm a bass player, and this can be applicable to playing music as well. No competition, just musicians helping each other and inspiring each other. That's how I want to live my life. Thank you for writing this!

Yun Bai said...

I'm so glad you got something out of this post Ed! Was so happy to read your comment. Thank you so much for taking time to read it. Means a lot to me dude. :)

Stay tuned, I'm about to unleash some great content once a week or so that can hopefully help you become the best version of you. We are learning, sharing, and growing together fellow creative! Yee!