Friday, June 21, 2013

Lemme Catch Y'all Up... "The World Is Yours"

Can't believe my last blog post was almost six weeks ago, damn time flies.  lol So lemme catch y'all up on the panel seminar, "The World Is Yours: Art Success From Atlanta" that went down May 4th at Erickson Clock in the Castleberry district here in Atlanta.  

It was a complete success! So many happy faces showed up, pens and notebooks in hand, I'd like to think everyone walked away a little more inspired, including me.  Learned so much from the panelists -  a ton of great information, inspiring stories of how they got to where they are now, great energy.  Neda Abghari of The Creatives Project hosted and gave a short introduction of each artist. Check out everybody in action below! 

Fahamu Pecou taught us about branding and his adventure as an artist.

Sheila Pree-Bright shed light on how to build long-term professional relationships.

Jason Kofke gave us the low-down on how to apply for international residencies.  

Pam Longobardi elaborated more on international opportunities.  

And of course your favorite Bunny discussed personal development, Yee!

Special thanks to the artists, The Goat Farm Arts CenterThe Creatives ProjectLunacy Black Market, and everyone who helped make this a successful event.  

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