Friday, May 3, 2013

Art Love: Who Is King Carla?

Hey y'all,

Wanted to show some love to my girl King Carla, who is having her show tonight at City of Ink 7-10pm.  Some of her work below, awesome stuff.  

1.  Tell us about your art.  What is your art about, the message behind your art?  

My art is a pop culture based mythology reflecting how I understand and love dirty South culture. It's glossy, upside down and mythical because hypersexualized women become kings and creators while men become gods and monsters.

2.  What inspires you?

Blackness, history, science, religion and culture all inspire me. They become themes within this pantheon of reversed power I've created. All of them are grand in the sense of all encompassing like an omnipotent being. They influence how we learn and interact so much that our human behavior is heavily influenced by these themes.

3.  Tell us more about your art process. 

I look at movies and television and browse the Internet all the time. I love them so much. I go through periods of rest, absorb and produce. I believe that art is a slow process. I'll make something and walk away for a while. Read a little. Converse with experts and scholars including killers and dealers. It all finds a way into my work. 

4. What's coming up for you regarding happenings, new work, art stuff? 

Up next is spending time reading and writing. Also, spending some time rephotographing my MFA thesis body and turning into what it should have been when I graduated.

5. What is your website?  

My site is Holler at a player when you see me on the streets, bitch. Bow down.

*All images courtesy of artist 

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