Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laying low, making moves

Hi honeys!

I've missed you! I know it's been seven months since I've blogged but don't worry, you know I'm always making moves even if you don't hear from me. That's exactly what I've been doing, making moves!

There are three events coming up, listed under "News & Exhibits" on my website. I'm also getting management together, as it's long overdue. Also hiring interns. Twitter following is growing, I've been meeting all kinds of interesting folks off of there. It's fantastic for networking, I'm so fascinated with it! lol Some big projects happening, lots of seeds being planted, others sprouting.

Basically what happened was, folks have continued to call me; hit me up for stuff to be in shows and interviews, but since I've been off the scene for a while things started piling up. I've noticed bloggers are helping keep my work relevant by still featuring and mentioning me in their blogs. I am so grateful to them for that. I can't even begin to tell you who has been contacting me for projects, what kind of projects they are, and the kinds of things I'm in the running for.

So realizing that I had to expand, I dropped everything I was doing and focused solely on building my team (aside from fulfilling current commissions, applying for grants, doing interviews, etc. lol). I realized if I kept going by myself, it would hinder my growth. So I had to literally stop what I was doing and put a call out for a manager and interns.

Things are really coming together honeys! I'm at a point in my career that I'm going straight for all that I've ever wanted - with no apologies. Simply because I'm tired of everyone's excuses of why it can't happen, but particularly tired of my own excuses. 2012 is going to be the biggest year of my career, I can feel it.

I just want to THANK YOU for all your love, support, and continued belief in me. The last year has been nothing but a road of restoration and healing. I've already named my next solo show "Critical Ascension" because that's exactly what it's been. Making work, building an arsenal of inventory to fulfill waiting list demand and create enough to put on a great solo show. Then my team and I will shop around for a venue to host it. It's gonna be the best show I've put on yet, so excited. But that's just a small fraction of what I have planned for us! You have no idea what's coming!

Well let me tell you honeys, y'all are in for a wild ride. Stick around, my team and I are making mad moves, is all I can say. You have no idea what we are about to do. Just BE READY. ;)

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