Monday, March 21, 2011

Conversation w/ Dad during dinner

Me: "So what would you say is the secret to you and mom's marriage lasting so long?"

Dad: "We met when we were 13 playing ping-pong. We were getting ready for testing to get into college but were transported to be farmers during the Cultural... Revolution. Then we finally went to college but attended different colleges.

We got married at 31, had you, and I went to America for my graduate degree in Physics. Then you and mom came when you were 5.

The secret for us is that we faced a lot of adversity together in the last 50 years- Cultural Revolution when we were forced to farm and your maternal grandparents' house was ravaged, grandpa got arrested, it was a mess. Building a life in a foreign country, raising you, getting through cancer, bankruptcy, it hasn't been easy.

We're best friends. She's my BEST FRIEND. She's been there through all the hard times. No matter how bad my health gets or how broke I get, she'll be there.

We've grown together, having gone through so much and adapted to a lot- including being open minded to appreciate and believe in your crazy porn art enough to proudly show it to our Chinese friends!

Don't worry Yun there are nice guys out there. You have to find someone that encourages and supports your dreams, your best friend. Keep living good baby. Do what you need to do. I'll be so proud when Yao Ming buys one of your paintings, I hear he collects art? (Dad's obsessed with Yao Ming, lol).

I know you see her as Tigermom, but she's my best friend."

Me: *Bunny tear "If only she would just let up a little bit! I bet you that's how I ended up making this crazy porn art in the first place." Lol

Aw. I love my dad- big ears and all. Cuz he loves me and my crazy porn art. Now anybody know Yao Ming so I can make an old man proud?

Yeee... Gonna keep living good. ;)

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Brttny said...

Yun this is amazing! How inspirational on the art of marriage! Now I know why you are so amazing! It's in your genes. :)