Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's Been Happening the Last Six Months?

Wowzie BunBuns,

I apologize I've been MIA! I know I haven't updated my blog for a while, cuz things have been overwhelmingly busy. But I'm gonna be better about it, I promise. I do usually keep up with my Twitter on the daily though, so if you'd like to follow me there... Gotta warn ya, it's a wild ride- and, I'll definitely blow up your timeline so be forewarned. lol It'll make you laugh, might make u cry, but all in all you'll know exactly what Bunny's been up to!

Just to give y'all a quick recap of what's happened since last October - became a finalist for the Artadia Award; had a feature article in INSPIRE magazine; had a feature article in; made it to the cover of The London Magazine (UK's oldest cultural magazine since 1732); somehow stumbled across Dungeon Family (it's a hilarious story how I came upon these legends of hip-hop); negotiating consignment deals with gallerists as I build inventory; had a show at Phipps Plaza; began showing at the W Hotel Midtown Atlanta; moved to a bigger studio, became a HIV/AIDS activist; and now, getting ready for my first LIMITED EDITION PRINT RELEASE! June 2nd!

Yeeee!!! Can you believe all this happened without any marketing effort? I can't believe it either! There will also be a print release party at iLoungeAtl (7pm-close), plus it's my birthday so you know we're gonna get crunk!

So y'all better not think Ms. Bunny has been slacking, cuz there's no such thing. Will be writing more in-depth blog entries about what's occurred the last six months to catch everybody up. Meanwhile, getting in shape for my first upcoming video, collaborations with musicians who've shown Bunny support, an international guerrilla porn donation drive (we'll just see how much I collect!) just to name some exciting upcoming happenings...

Alright sweethearts, definitely check back for the print release June 2nd. This is all so exciting, I appreciate you guys so much. Freaking Yeee!!!!

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