Monday, February 21, 2011

Ready, set, GO! - Mastering my relationship to FEAR

Hey y'all,

I am so freaking EXCITED! Things are coming together and adjusted in my digs. Ready to paint my Bunny behind off and create a new body of work. Targeted marketing plan in place; I may have to do a lot of the administrative grunt work myself to begin with but hopefully the team will naturally come together as I trust everything will fall into place. Whatever it takes!

Have to build a mass inventory of work and focus on selling direct to build some cash flow, but no matter what I absolutely refuse to go get a "real" job. Cuz you know what? Being a full-time artist is my "real" job. Anyone that doesn't understand that, just doesn't get it. There comes a point when you are just "all in" and I'm way beyond that point.

So if you don't see me for a good while, it's because I'm locked up in my make-shift studio looking at all kinds of porn working on new flowers, trees, cacti, mushrooms, etc. All that adversity I faced last year was necessary because it provided lots of inspiration and gave me plenty of material to paint about- human nature, society, my own viewpoints and experiences, all personified through the flowers. I am confident this will be my strongest work yet.

Gotta sell direct for now because although galleries are interested in my work, I still have to pay for shipping there and just don't have the money for wood, resin, and shipping yet. It's a lot of costs upfront. So meanwhile I'm gonna make a ton of work and sell it direct so I can get some money and go from there.

Man I am so grateful for adversity because it is the best motivator one could ever have. I used to let fear and adversity hinder and keep me catatonic, but now I feel like a space rocket, ready to launch into space as far as I can go.

I read somewhere that fear's purpose is to protect you from harm and not hinder you or give you stress; anxiety. The purpose of fear is to warn an animal of when to retreat- when sh*t comes, Bunnies are supposed to run away- that's it. I was telling a friend today that if we let fear hinder us and scare us into being catatonic, then we are imprisoning ourselves within our own imaginary walls.

I also read that when you feel fear but it motivates you; excites you; and you feel empowered, then you have truly mastered your relationship to fear. It took me almost three freaking years to realize this, but only took two weeks to completely turn 180 degrees.

Fear is a friend! Not only does fear warn us of danger, but it further motivates us to go beyond our limits. Inaction is action wasted. So in knowing that fear is no longer an obstacle but instead a great motivator, I've come to terms with it in fully understanding my relationship to it. We are cool with one another- there's an understanding. lol With that said, just excited more than ever about this new work I'm about to crank out.

Gonna push these flowers to a whole different level unlike any of us has ever seen....LET'S GO HONEYS!!

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