Sunday, August 3, 2008

2012: A thought to ponder, and what's best for Bunny now

A friend made me aware that the world may blow up in our lifetime. He actually got me really freaked out and let's just say, "aware" of circumstances in our world-- I'm not going to list the negative list of events going on in our world, but it made me wonder what would it be like if there was no concept of money? If there weren't gold, there weren't commodities, there weren't economic systems, there weren't cars, oil, investments, roads, real estate, corporations, art, music, literature, electricity, if there weren't anything left?

I remember when I was in first grade, our teacher said, you needed three things to survive....."Food, shelter, and love". So if only you and one other person were left in the world, and you were the only two people left on earth, how would you act to that person? Would you be mean as some people exist today? Would you blow them off and ignore them? Would you walk by them and not smile? Would you give them the look over? Would you walk by and think stereotypical thoughts about them based on how they're dressed?

Or would you extend your hand and help them get up? Would you exude love and goodwill? Would you be thankful that they were there with you, the only other person existent in the world? Would you befriend them? Most of all, would you have any other choice but to love them and be their friend, in order for your own survival to exist? That was what I realized yesterday. I vowed to appreciate even more, everything that I have in my life, especially to treat everyone in my life, and the new people that come into my life, as if they were the last person that existed in the world. Why not? Why are we forced to only be kind, love, and treat others so well only if the world had nothing left? Only after bad shit happened? Why can't we do that today? Right now?

Why can't we treat everyone in our lives and the new people we meet, as if they were the last person on earth, because our survival depended on it? Yo, check it, doesn't our survival depend on it now? Doesn't it? What makes our world any different now than if nothing else existed, that we can't act like that today? Exude that kind of love, gratefulness, and befriended them as if? What if we showed that kind of compassion now, and that was the true preventative measure of bad shit happening to us? We take vitamins, work out, all that jazz to stay healthy, but what if spiritually, that was the spiritual medicine to prevent bad shit from happening to our humanity? "Our humanity" sounds a bit funny to some, doesn't it? Yah. But that's what it is. "OUR HUMANITY".

Look, I'm just an artist *sarcastic grin*. Not a theologian, not a scientist, not a spiritual leader, not a politician, just YunnyBunny. But the point is, we all have power that we can make impact with in our own way.

Speaking of being an artist, the more and more I think about it, the longer of a break I wanna take. I am really going to take a good, long, break for the next 2-3 years. Really. The last real break I took was in 2003-2004. Even then, I stopped making work but really did a hell of a lot of marketing. And even when I mean "break", I really mean, laying low on showing my work. You didn't think Bunny would really ever take a break, did you? *tease* I'll just be doing lots of planning, researching, networking, and creating new work. Just not showing it as much til I'm ready to, is all. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful to everyone that has helped me, believed in me, guided me, given me shows, given me an ass kicking, you know who you are. Thank you to my dear collectors, gallerists, curators, supporters, everyone who has appreciated my work. Don't worry, Bunny will be back stronger than ever. Just laying low, incognito! lol

But I am really going to go deep into financial world, step up my game in every way about myself, and really help some people, sharing what I know. Plus, all the great pieces I've painted, have been sold. I want to paint for myself now, make art for me. I don't wanna make art because it has "too much pussy in it" that I have to make it PG-13, or make it a certain shape, or color, or anything. I feel like I've lost the true enjoyment of making art for the sake of making art, and have to step back to that purity state again. I feel like I've been compromising myself, and my vision to paint what the public wants, which is certainly not the way of how great art is made, I believe. I really want to make art for me, regardless of whether it sells or not. Really, if it doesn't sell, so what? Fuck it?! In the end it's still pure, and that's what matters to me most. I really want to paint for me, and make art for my artist's collection. Plus I really want to revamp my business structure, and completely restructure. So there will still be some shows here and there, but of what I have in inventory now. The new stuff I'm hoarding for when I'm reading to come back into art world, and will only show to a few very selective people after I restructure.

The only thing I am really focused on is stuff for Miami in December, and my solo show in Houston with New Gallery in May, and painting for me. Producing a ton of great work in the next few years, focusing on collaborations, and getting ready for a big boom when I do come back. So if you see me MIA wondering "What happened to Yun Bai, the porn flower girl?" You'll know, she's laying low and building steam for a huge explosion in a couple of years...Get ready!

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