Monday, July 28, 2008

Work from Chinese Character Biennial

I got this crown at the Renaissance fair back in May when Laura and I went. It felt good to be medieval for a day.

Here is what I put in the Chinese Biennial, thanks to Wang Jing for the pic! This is a different view from how it was hung, hopefully they will send me some pics later? Here is the invite:

Yun Bai, as curators of the inaugural Chinese Biennial, we have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in this inaugural exhibition of Chinese character spatial art, derived from hanzi. traditional Chinese writing, By bringing artists together in this exhibition of spatialized hanzi alongside dimensional works inspired by it, we affirm that the spatial structure of Chinese characters constitutes a previously suppressed form of sculptural practice and thus we now present a newly formed field termed hanzi spatialized Chinese character art. With this exhibition, the three thousand year history of hanzi is now augmented to include its liberation into space. Artists outside of China whose work reflects the basic approach and philosophy of this art form have been included. The Chinese Biennial additionally showcases dimensional Chinese character art in installations, spoken word, video, performances, music, architecture, design, and fashion. The thirty invited artists are from within China, the Americas, Europe, the UK, Australia, as well as other Asian countries.

Chinese culture has apparently showed evidence of renewal since the beginning of 21st Century. China contemporary art, as an important strategic portion of Chinese neo-culture, certainly does not decline to shoulder the responsibility of reconstructing image of China. Contemporary Chinese artists would not like to give the wrong impression to the world with a blurry and false image of China. During the period from 2nd August, 2008 to 2nd September, 2008 the global initial "Chinese Character Biennale", which is planned by "Chinese Character Base" and hosted by KU Art Center will be open in "KU Art Center Artist Creating Base" and "Chinese Character Base" simultaneously. As a name card of Chinese culture, the Chinese character presents the right to speak and the attitude of loving art of Chinese character clearly means striving for right to speak in the whole world, as well as emphasizing the identity of China contemporary art. In oversea cultural environment the being of Chinese character Art is like a mirror reflecting the political condition of Chinese people living abroad. And it is also a scale indicating the ebbing and flowing complex power between Eastern and Western world. This exhibition has a subject of space Chinese character, exhibiting more than 40 artists' works including Chinese character installations, Chinese character videos, Chinese character actions, Chinese character music, Chinese character architectures, Chinese character sculptures and others. The artists come from China (Taiwan, Hong Kong) America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Austria, Holland, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Spanish and other countries. These works will induct visitors to consider how to make out flat visual tradition step by step and how to improve weak traditional culture character which emphasizing super organic aspects called "Dao" and disdaining instrumental aspects named "Qi", to consider how to revert spatial structure intension of Chinese character art and how to get rid of orientalism pseudo-conception art's nibbling; to consider how to promote conception of spatial Chinese character art and achieving an international artistic academic new high, therefore, this art will add a new sort to contemporary world art history.

Spatial Chinese character art movements have gradually become influential and, except English, Chinese has been the most important linguistic system using by a large number of people in the world. Chinese character art is of tradition and of vital power as time going. In the process of Chinese cultural policy's adjusting Spatial Chinese character art will be definitely splendid in garden of Chinese arts.

Curator:Pan Xinglei, Koan Jeff Baysa, Li Shi
Duration: 2nd August, 2008 ---- 6th September, 2008
Venue:KU Art Center, Huantie Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China/ "Chinese Character Base"
Host:KU Art Center, "Chinese Character Base"
Sponsors: 红炫制造、美国莱格艺术有限公司、一森•科恩画廊、香港SENSE99、中国评论通讯社、激光广告公司、纽约一森柯恩画廊、重大养生泉矿泉水、奥地利基金会、美国基金会、浙江东方金属艺术工厂、北京京新天科技有限公司等
Closing events: 6th September, 2008

Exhibition period 2 August – 2 October 200

I have really been inspired to grow my hair out lately. As I was brainstorming concepts for this exhibition, I visualized someone with long hair. Like the rings found on a tree, the length of hair shows us passages in time, a series of events, such as "stories". Each strand of hair shows us fragments of many stories. Bundled together, they unite together to tell complete stories. There is parallel between an individual's long hair and the hairs found on a calligraphy brush in that they both tell observational truths, or 

"Stories from the Heart".

I chose "silver hair" to set the tone for this installation, to represent an elder's reflective moment of the life they've lived. The installation's aim is to represent how one would feel during a moment of reflection after one has lived a long, passionate, and fulfilling life. Thoughts of my grandmother inspired this installation, she is 94 and still writes calligraphy everyday. I imagined the way her white silvery hair sparkled with its light gray-blue tones, and the way her brush gently let out a short story with each character she wrote. She tells a story from the long life she's lived.
I see long strips of flowing fabric hung from the ceiling, mimicking someone's long hair. Long, light, ethereal, full of wisdom, and draped peacefully, the "hairs" are like the "ghosts" from the stories. There are seven long fabric "hair" bundles floating in space, made of tulle, in the formation spelling the Chinese character " heart".
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the exhibition, as I am working hard on new projects, and beginning a new body of work for my first solo in Houston, TX at New Gallery in May 2009! But if you are in Beijing for the Olympics, do stop by by...

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