Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm gonna stick to my plan

I don't know why I keep flip flopping between art and financial world. But I've made a decision and just gonna stick to it at least for the next year and a half until 2010.

I really wanna focus on my financial business right now, while I reassess art world. The economy isn't too strong for luxury items such as art right now, and I'm not going to ride against the wave. Plus with the knowledge and the tools that I have in financial world, I know I can serve more people in it during this challenging time for a lot of folks.

I am very grateful to everyone that has supported me, gave me encouragement, gave me a shot, bought my work, I really appreciate it. I am truly grateful for everyone that believes in my work. I will always have great memories of everyone who has had good intentions for me.

But the truth is, I only do win-win business. It is very important to me that others walk away feeling good about the business that we just did, so we could do it over and over and over again. If they walk away feeling like they got the short end of the stick, they feel resentful and will go around bitching about you (I've had that happen before. They say they're cool with it, only to tell other people you didn't pay them when in fact you definitely paid them, thus fucking with your reputation. Don't we just love passive-aggressiveness). And if I feel like I got the short end of the stick, I would feel resentful. Which is how I've been feeling lately about this whole art thing. I'm really stepping back from it.

I've been feeling really bitter about the art world. Bitter, frustrated, in demand, lots of pressure. Lots of acquaintances, but not that many real friends. Of course, it's business. But being the relationship person that I am, I really value people. I really care about people. I really love people. I really have a lot of compassion for this world. And at the end of the day, I really appreciate all those that have gotten me where I am today.

The truth is, I miss painting. I haven't painted in a long time now, stressed people have come to me with their names wanting to buy art, to see new works, and all I can tell them is that I can contact them when I have new stuff. Instead of doing that, I think I'm gonna start taking pre-paid payments to ensure they get on the real "priority list". So I'm going to make two lists... A list of people who merely want to be notified when I do have new work, and a list to lock in something from me now, before I raise prices again.  Because they say when you sell a bit, your prices are a bit low if you sell fast. Well let's just say I've sold through most of the stuff I've made, all the major big pieces are almost spoken for, and the only things I have left are smaller pieces. So I have to replenish inventory, but I'm only going to start with those I care about most----friends, family, and collectors--my VIP, the people who gave me a shot, the people who gave me encouragement, the people who gave me connections, to ensure I make something super special for them; just for them.

I'm just really stepping up my game. Because the truth is, I'm gonna be in this art thing for the long haul, for the next 40-50 years. Yun Bai is in this shit until the end, and if it's anything that you can bet on, you can bet on that. It ain't over til it's over baby!

But the point is, we still have a ways to go. We have a lot of ground to break- stigmas, the status quo. I know I don't have control over the art world. But I do have control over tightening up my game,  building a great team, and pushing myself for higher excellence. I can't help it if I'm controversial. I can't help it people don't get me. All I can do is go where I'm going, and whoever wants to come along on the adventure, they're certainly welcome to.

Hey, good girls don't make headway. Only bad rebellious bunnies do. ;)

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