Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What was I thinking?

Definitely in financial world for the next year and a half.... I am so gonna focus on financial world while we are in this bear market for two reasons.....1) I can serve more people 2) while I take a step back and regroup my art strategy and build more inventory. The only thing I'm fulfilling this year is whatever inventory I need to build for Miami in December, and my solo with New Gallery in Houston in February, and fulfilling my waiting list demands. Other than that, not doing anything else. Just focusing on helping folks with their finances.

Look I love the art world, but I can't stand this art game. So bunny's out of the game for a little while....and will come back with some limited hot work in 2009 for New Gallery in Houston and even bigger momentum in 2010. YEEE!

Get Crunk!

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