Sunday, May 11, 2008


I love homeboys. They are the best. They are truly, besides my closest girlfriends, some of the best friends I have. Both gay and straight. Homeboys are just simply the best because you truly get to recognize and appreciate men at their most giving, always respectful, never dirty. Pure platonic love. Shotouts to Terry, Pasqual, Carlos in Miami, DJ Mafioso, thanks for being there for the Bunny.

I went out with Steven Wolkoff and Gavin Bunner tonight, and we assigned nicknames for ourselves. Of course mine was YunnyBunny, and Gavin's was "G Buns" which I thought was off the chain. It fits his personality so perfectly. And Steven's is gonna come to him later. And Gavin even invented this amazing handshake! It was all about unity and it was awesome...I feel like I know where the secret treehouse is or something....ooooh. :)

So we went to this opening at Bergamont Station, then headed to Chinatown to see Terence Koh at Peres Projects, it was inspiring. He gave me a hug and was very sweet. It's always exciting to meet an artist you admire. I felt happy to meet John Baldessari and Barbara Kruger, and felt nervous and excited when I met them too. So yes, I was inspired today. Then we went to "Mandrake", this bar in Culver City, which I've never been to, but the music was good, and the people seemed nice.

Then when we went back to Bergamont Station but the gates were locked. Gavin tried to climb over the gate, but no success because we couldn't it open to get the cars out. I would have tried to help and contribute, but today was one of those days that I didn't wear panties so that option was out. Even though I'm a tom-girl in a skirt, I just couldn't climb a fence with no panties!

So finally we got our cars out, and the evening ended wonderfully with Gavin and I doing our awesome new handshake in celebration after Steve dropped us off.

Like I said, homeboys are the best.

PS--If you ever see me, make sure you ask me to show you the handshake so you can pass it on...hee hee.

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