Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here's what I realized about dudes...

Y'all know I like to organize. I had to define what certain words meant to me. It helped, I have clarity now.

where I'm at right now, platonic brotherly types that you have known for a long time that have your back. True friends. And you know they will be with you for life. Homeboys you've known for 18+ years and then some.

someone you like and possibly sleep with, that cares about you maybe, and there is attraction, but there is some kind of gray area murkiness that's mysterious and almost even forbidden. Something's off, something's not right, but it's okay because it feels so good and you learn the important lesson that one must first know pleasure, in order to give pleasure.

My man. My love. The one I truly open up to. And maybe consider building something with. My best friend.

This dude knows he's one special motherfucker because I honor and adore him like my King. The man I choose to be the father of my children. I hope to learn about a kind of unconditional love I haven't known of before.

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