Friday, May 23, 2008


I went to a party tonight, and these nice people showed me how to eat my first artichoke. It was a curious, exciting, nervous moment, they showed me how to eat it petal by petal, I felt primitive. Okay so you're talking to the girl that has no TV, certainly not cable.

I felt like the first man ever in existence, eating a lobster or something. Can you imagine the bravery? Only it wasn't as threatening. I could hear the mysterious music in the background playing as I picked up a petal, looked at it closely, examined it, dipped it in this yellow mustard thing, and closed my eyes and held on dear mercy.

You see, us Chinese people, we don't eat artichoke that I know of. I have never seen kung pao artichoke, have you? Have you ever seen artichoke on a Chinese menu? Have you? Thought so. So don't look at me like I'm some Asian hillbilly hick that has never seen an artichoke. Because the truth is, I haven't.

You know how you feel when you go to the Asian grocery store and you don't know what the hell you're looking at? That's how I feel about artichoke.  Point made. hee hee. ;) 

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