Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got into the Chinese Character Biennial!

Yowzie. I knew I had a show coming up in August in Beijing. But somehow the information got sent to an email address I never check about a month ago, and turns out the deadline is May 1st.

Fuck! All I'm doing is this proposal tomorrow (after I get a long deserved facial). It'll be fun. I've missed doing art, especially a good art challenge. Keeps me on my toes.

And, to put more pressure on it, it's the first Chinese Character Biennial! I am sooo fucking excited! I'm so grateful I have an opportunity to challenge myself to push for peak performance!

It's gonna be really challenging for me---Y'all know I categorize myself as a painter, working in 2D, plus I've been developing my "Porn Flowers" for five years now. So the show's theme is centered around hanzi, the Chinese character (which is so out of my norm, hehe.) and it has to be 3D! No painting or 2D stuff at all!


It's cool, it's all good, I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I just have to bust out with some amazing shit....and right now, I kind of see it. I just have to meditate on it, and it'll come. Plus, I have this show at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, and my attorney is throwing a private viewing for me at her new home....stressed, freaking out, but excited and nervous still....I am a lucky bitch! A lucky grateful grateful bitch. Thank you, Universe!

Fucking YEEEE!

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