Saturday, March 15, 2008

Taking a break

My goodness, I am taking a break from art world! I will be really busy making new work, being mischievous and developing new projects. But other than that, I'm laying low. Not doing art shows except 1-2 per year, tops. Perhaps some group shows.

Pulling back to move forward, if that makes sense.

My sense of anxiousness and urgency has reached a new level. I'm onto a whole different level now. I'm really onto some new things, and changing up my strategy. Things happen for a reason, and I see now that as far as my art career goes, many new doors are opening up that will help me fulfill my visions.

I just have to finish my commitments, but after that, Yun's gonna disappear into art stealth mode. Not to be heard from, but making progress in leaps and bounds...

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