Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big stuff happening...

I am so excited! I decided to take a year off from showing my art. I want to work on my financial services business for a year, because I have an opportunity to expand to China if I choose.

I will be creating a new body of work, developing some other visions, working with designers and musicians on some amazing projects. It's all pretty hush hush, but you'll see it when you see it! Get ready!

I am looking forward to moving to China for a few years, to spend time with my grandma, really be influenced by the art scene over there, and to take all my endeavors global. So I hope to move to Beijing within a year and a half.

Other than that, just keeping a low profile, and remaining intense.

Lots of hot stuff happening. Oh, just started a new relationship with New Gallery in Houston, very grateful and lucky to be working with Thom Andriola.

And just staying hopeful and humble.
I am, truly, the luckiest bitch in the whole wide world. :)

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