Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simple truths

Nothing special, just two truths I realized to myself today....

1. I love and hate the art world at the same time. I'm in it. I'm right in the midst of it. Like all of those other folks in it. If people could get caught up in a tornado, twirling around, without hurting themselves, that's what the art world feels like. For the most part it's a fun ride but other times you get pretty banged up. And today ended as one of those days.

2. I could never marry a man for money, even if he had millions. If I marry, it must be for true love. Plus, I gotta make my own millions! I don't think I could ever let a man "take care" of me financially. I guess it'd be the ultimate trust to let a man do that, huh? :)

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