Friday, February 15, 2008

The Best Valentine's Day Ever!

I went to my art opening at Art Murmur tonight, after the gallery settled into its new location.

Had so much fun tonight! I will always love downtown. There's something about it, maybe it's the first place that welcomed me, besides Chinatown. Maybe it was folks like Bert Green and Leandra from Art Murmur that gave me love and support in my art. Maybe it was folks like Ed Fuentes, Heidi Hutchinson, Suzi Moon, Lilli Muller (bless her for adopting me on Thanksgiving!), that makes the downtown community kick ass. There's a ton of other people, just happy familiar faces I love seeing around downtown.

After the opening, I met up with some friends for drinks, then we went to a house party, then to a another friend's house and chilled there. Then came home to my cozy pad, hanging with Buster.

This week is gonna be crazy! This Saturday is really going to be crazy! I have a financial training in the morning with my firm (I'm a financial services professional also, my "double" life"), then some work stuff, then off to a friend's art opening, then off to see my friend DJ Rilla spin. Then maybe church on Sunday? I keep saying I'm gonna go, but I still haven't gone since 1987!

Maybe because I keep choosing sleeping in, over going to the house of God. :)
But God and I are cool, we have always been close.....I talk to it everyday in the shower and show my gratitude. I don't think God cares whether you communicate in church, or if you communicate in the shower while scrubbing your armpit-- the point is to come from a higher self within yourself, like God does.

Isn't that why they call it your "higher self"?

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