Monday, February 11, 2008

Art Opening: Feb. 14th, 6-9pm. Art Murmur Gallery. 105 E. 6th St. LA, CA 90014

Art Murmur Gallery

"YUN BAI aka YunnyBunny: Who's That Girl?"
A solo exhibition

Feb. 13 - Mar.22, 2008
Wed-Sat. 12-6pm

Feb. 14th,6-9pm: Artist Reception
Mar. 13,6-9pm. Downtown Arts Walk
Mar. 22, show closes!

With her beautifully provocative "Porn Flowers," Ms. Bai has garnered the attention of collectors across the globe, and has been singled out by Peter Frank on LA Weekly's "Top 10 Emerging Artists" list. What exactly is a "Porn Flower?" More so, what does it symbolize, and how did Bai come up with the idea? The story is compelling. Ms. Bai drew from her early experience as an exotic dancer - a job she took during a very trying time while putting herself through college (her parents were forced to file bankruptcy after her mother was diagnosed with cancer). Though the experience was demeaning, her later analysis of that time gave Bai a new perspective and a greater level of dignity. She was able to transform the objectification she felt into a liberating and defiant self love. The intriguing process of creating the Porn Flowers begins with Bai collecting the magazine images she later incorporates into the painting collages. Since pornographic material can be expensive, Bai places internet personal ads asking for free donations of printed porn. Together with her rather brawny male friend, Bai meets the various donors in well lit public places for these transactions. To this date, she has collected a vast pornographic treasure trove. This somewhat involved creative process only serves to enhance the power, depth, and complexity of the work.

Yun Bai's equally feminist minded alter-ego - Yunnybunny has also had notable recognition. In participation with Art Murmur, yunnybunny's painting "Dream Car No. 1" was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal article about the Art Basel Miami phenomenon and its satellite events - With yunnybunny, the artist seeks to create a ubiquitous, universal symbol of female empowerment, most especially for young girls. Yunnybunny differs from the more serious and knowing Yun, and is characterized in the work by a little pink bunny. She seeks to inspire women from all walks of life to reach further and "FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!" These seemingly simple messages are in reality psychologically complex, with art historical citations of philosophy, religion, and pop culture.

The contrast of these individually cohesive bodies of work promises a visually and conceptually compelling display from an artist at the peak of her creative powers. Please join us this Thursday for the Downtown Art Walk and artist's reception.

Leandra Hinrichs
Art Murmur Gallery

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