Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pics from Solo at Bert Green Fine Art (Los Angeles)

w/ Bert Green at the opening. I can not say enough about this guy. I walked into his gallery a few years ago in the middle of an opening right when I moved here from Atlanta and not sure what came over me but I totally "solicited" him and showed him some images and somehow I had an appointment next week. Wow that is definitely what you're not supposed to do. Don't do that. No seriously, don't.

What I love about Bert is his sincere honesty and always coming from a place of love. He comes from a place of having your best interest in mind. Over the years, you learn about someone through their actions and consistency. Furthermore, I admire Bert for being on the same plane as myself in coming from a place of love, abundance, and spirit; and not from a place of fear, ego, or scarcity. Much love to Bert!

David Meanix does these bad-ass photo sculptures. They look real, in a surreal way. I'm gonna miss him, he headed to NYC to break new ground shortly after the opening. I'll see you in NYC David! We're gonna have wasabi eating contests ok?!!

Suzi Moon and Steve gave me flowers. Beautiful.

My dress kept sliding off! It was hot but I was happy with my beer hanging out with my friend Melody.

One of my best best friends Lesley Reed in the foreground. I don't know who those two Asian dudes are in the background, but I am SO HAPPY you came! Right on! Thanks for coming out and supporting female Asian chic artists that make art out of porn! I know it's quite different for us...Asians. Hee hee.

Kisses from Suzi!

Right on, I feel great about what I'm doing. 2008 is going to be a kick ass year with lots of great things in store. I was so busy getting things together for my solo here in LA that I couldn't make it out for my first show in NY that opened at Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts.

Here are a few pics from my solo at Bert Green Fine Art: We had a badass turnout! I was happy. It was hot as fuck, but I was glistening and happy. Special thanks to Bert Green, one of the big-hearted gallerists I've ever worked with, words cannot say enough how much his support has meant to me.

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Cali T. Rossen said...

Yunny Bunny!!!
Let us know when we can see you again, it's been way too long*
Blessings & happy thoughts,
Cali & Chris xxoxo