Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crazy man knocks on my door last night at 3:30 am!

So last night was one of my fascinating all nighters. I don't exactly like pulling them, but when I get sucked into something, I don't let go until I'm really finished with it, or unless I get it. So this blog thing had my attention, hehe.

My light was on, I was getting tired, then I heard a knock. And I ignored it. I figured it was someone knocking on the wrong door. Then I heard it again and again for a little while longer. And whatever it was, it was really close, right on the other side of the door.

So I went to look through the peephole. And of course the peephole was built for someone 5'8" or over (well, when you're 5'2" and not growing, everyone looks the same from that point of view). So I went underneath my bed and grabbed my hammer, got a chair, and looked through the peep hole (I knew I shouldn't have sold my 9mm Glock!)

I yelled, "Who is it?" in a really loud voice. "What do you want?" Some young looking dude in a white tshirt says, "I'm Ulysses, I saw you painting from the window when I walk by...."
I was so pissed off. If he was going to holla, couldn't he leave some flowers by the door with a phone number or something? At 3:30 fucking am in the morning? Did he think I was going to let him in? Whaa?

I yelled, "It's fucking 3:30am in the morning! Get the fuck away! Get the fuck away right now or I'm going to call the fucking cops! Back off!"

Hey, it's what they teach you in self defense. Hell no I wasn't going to let him in.  lmao!

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