Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fun photos throughout the years....

W/ curator, critic, and mentor Koan-Jeff Baysa. 2007

Koan and I met through this show he curated called "Red Beans and Rice: Asian Artists in the New South". He's been an amazing mentor. I'm so grateful to have his support and he is an integral part of the bunny team!

In Vegas, 2007

I met Bora on Craigslist. He's my first Turkish friend. And in the middle is his girlfriend Analia, who's also an artist and fashion designer from Argentina. I'd never met Turkish folks before until I moved out to LA, and I love anything Turkish! Turkish men, turkish food, and turkish...ahum, tea.

Inspiration for porn flowers. "Girls of Paradise"

Fooling around with my camera, 2006

"Hee hee"

Collector Tracy Y. This woman is awesome. She just is. Beyond words. 2004

Collector Paula S.
Weird how fate works. We had met like three times before we knew it was destined to be true! She and Andrew had to own a Yun Bai original! They're so fun. They definitely know how to groove. And dress up in rockin' costumes. 2004

I loved the seals in SF. 2004

This girl is a trip. She had never met me but put me up at her place for a week in San Fran just cuz our mutual friend said I was cool.

This girl is my role model. I totally want to be a Suicide Girl like her. (Me: "Do I have to show my boobies in the pictures?" Her: "Yes Yun, you gotta show your boobies". Yun: "Damn. Too bad those days are over". lol

The nude beach baby! It's the reason I moved to California!

I had this moment of laying on the nude beach (no tan lines!), and a pina colada slurpee with a lot of rum in it, and that's when I realized my soul belonged by the beach...

This girl is the reason why I adore Libras. We met during printmaking class in college. She let me stay with her over winter break cuz I didn't want to go home, and I ate all her food and she still loves me til this day. I was a hungry growling panda...she knew to stay clear from the hungry panda, and instead let the growling hungry panda ravish through the ritz crackers and the peanut butter and jelly and the cocoa puffs........steer clear, the hungry panda will rip through your kitchen when she's on a mission for food!

I was feeling sultry that day. 2003?

Looking cute, getting ready for a wedding, 2003. I knew these girls from Atlanta, when they attended the Atlanta College of Art. Even though I went to Agnes Scott, a women's college, I met them through a mutual friend and they introduced me to a lot of the kids at their school. I was roomies with Leslie (far right) and she has some crazy roomie stories on me!

I've known these girls since 1998. Lesley and Chrissy have been there through it all.


24th birthday, 2003
w/ Heather Stewart of Soho Myriad, Atlanta

At a party...

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