Friday, October 26, 2007

"Benevolent Rebel"

What is a "Benevolent Rebel"? I consider myself a benevolent rebel. A benevolent rebel is someone who has good intentions for the common good, but the delivery in everything they do is somewhat naughty and rebellious. Haha, coming from the Gemini herself. For example, with the porn flowers....the end message is a message that serves not only all women but humanity included, but its delivery is rebellious.

I choose to live my life this way. All my life I've had people try to steal my dreams. Telling me I couldn't do this. Or I shouldn't do that. They tried to instill fear in me. Sometimes it worked, other times my hot temper deflated their intent to kill my dreams.

This new ideal of the benevolent rebel for me is true definition of those who are innovators. I adore rebels. Of any kind. Only by being a rebel do you challenge the status quo, and only challenging the status quo do you push for new ground in making room for what you're trying to express.

In the end, benevolent rebels are here to
express something, not prove anything. I guess, I realized that in order to be the benevolent rebel that I can possibly be, I have to claim full responsibility for everything and everyone--not just myself anymore, but everyone I associate with, who depends on me.

That was the true lesson of that day. Before I tried to be as responsible as I could be and take initiative for myself only, but today I accepted responsiblity for the success of all those that are on my "team".

That means being fully responsible for what happens to mom and dad.....they are still in China visiting grandma, and dad lost his disability (short recap: my mom and dad have worked hard all their lives and my big dream is to retire them asap because they are both diabetic and dad is losing his motor skills and we don't know what's wrong with him). Being fully responsible for my financial services agents that are associated with me (I am building a business in financial services). Taking full responsibility for my clients.

All in all, today I learned the lesson of taking serious responsibility for everyone I associate family, my friends, associates, business partners, etc. It's about everyone else now.

Everyone depends on me. Which means I have to come through in my delivery. It must be great, it must be amazing and fantastic, and most of all, it has to make all those folks proud.

But most of all, I must impress myself with it. The feeling of truly impressing yourself and doing something that you never thought you could do is the second best feeling besides love. It's a kind of feeling that makes you cry with amazement.

I must work for that feeling again. For the next big BOOM.


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