Thursday, June 11, 2015

Living An Unlimited Life - Lessons Learned, Decisions Made

My first few years in America, the beginning of a wonderful childhood growing up in Tallahassee, FL. #SouthernAsian #CountryBunny  #TBT

Today, I embrace living a truly UNLIMITED life.  Recommitting to my commitments. Feeling great about the decisions I've made when challenging crossroads presented themselves.  What are they and what have I learned?

1. Releasing myself from people who didn't value/respect/cherish me as well as those who didn't have my best interest in mind. Especially those who don't wish well for you.

The more I learned to love myself, the more I cut out those who simply didn't deserve my love, attention, friendship, support, knowledge, resources.

2. I began sharing my newfound art biz strategies with artists and art world only to be met with criticism and doubt bcuz it was so outside the box.

Regardless, today I feel so secure and confident about my art career and the direction it's headed than I've ever been. In learning new ways of thinking and allowing myself to innovate, making bold decisions and taking bigger risks is what's necessary for bigger shifts and ultimately, bigger rewards.

3. Be rock solid in what I stand for and walk the talk. As an advocate for gender equality and women's rights, artist advocate, and human rights activist, there is a dire need for all of us to learn more, do more, be more.

America is not the melting pot that we claim to be. America is a country where a lot of different types of oil and water co-exist in a pot, segregated and oblivious to each other's struggles. We must get out of our comfort zones and melt. Be aware and act for the common good.

In learning these valuable lessons and making these decisions, it's time to SHINE. To truly embrace an unlimited life and allow myself to create, innovate, contribute, and impact on an unlimited level.

I've come a long way since the little girl in this picture, and absolutely loving the woman I'm evolving into. The biggest gift I've given myself (and allowed myself) is this gift of living an unlimited life and all that it means to me.

Thank u everyone, for ur continued support of the Bunny I'm becoming. I only hope to make u more proud BunBuns!

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