Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cultivating "FB Friends" Into Real Friends

We all have FaceBook "friends"  that we've never talked to, but something was cool about them that made you want to connect.  
I finally took the time to reach out to Sharon D. Meadows and sent her a quick note.  So glad I did! We were blabbing away on the phone, bonding in no time.  

In fact, she was speaking in downtown Atlanta and invited me to hear her speak.  I went and was so inspired by her story, her triumphs, as well as the wisdom the other ladies had to share. I could tell every woman in the room had some kind of priceless wisdom to teach me, oh how I wish I could sit and connect with each one!

Sharon D. Meadows is the epitome of class.  You can feel her love, support, and devotion to those she cares for when meeting her for the first time.  The biggest golden nugget during her speech was when she said, "Nothing is more powerful than a made up mind." Yee! 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hashonah Lockett (who, by the way, has the presence of a Queen when you're around her). Dr. Lockett invited me to service at her Church in Stone Mountain and also to an event where we worked on our "vision boards".  Both experiences were incredibly uplifting, gave me new insight and rejuvenated me.

This weekend Dr. Lockette and Sharon will be speaking at "Love Your Life", an empowerment conference. I hope my BunBuns can connect with these amazing ladies.  Whenever I'm around them, I know I'm around excellent role models of the kind of woman I'd like to be.  Yee!

Connect with Sharon here:
Website: www.sdmeadows.com
Twitter: @SharonDMeadows

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