Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adventures With Friends, Fahamu Pecou At High Museum

Happy Day BunBuns! With spring around the corner, I got all excited and actually came out of my Bunny hole and poked my head around a little. lol For those that know me, y'all know I'm extremely low key and quite the happy hermit. 

Enjoying a wonderful meal with mom and friends. 

Been quite grateful for all the cool people I've come across that add so much joy and love to life lately.  We ate at mom's recent favorite discovery, TJ House. The food here is really authentic Chinese food.  Good food and happy faces, it's all I need.  :)

The next evening I had a GREAT time at my homegirl Ro's party.  Even though I don't get out much, I always try my best to go to her party because she's awesome and I don't get to see her often.  It's sweet, sentimental, special, and endearing.  It's been wonderful meeting new friends while bumping into old ones.   

Sweet Ladies.  

Maria and Tangee.  

Love her smile! With Ro. 

Happy with Carlton, Kat, Shana.

I just couldn't resist when my long-time friend whom (I haven't seen in forever) was in town and asked to meet up at the High Museum.  This was perfect because I've been wanting to check out my buddy Fahamu Pecou's show there.

After we got our squealing girly "hello's" out of the way (ok I was the only one squealing), the girls and I were soon lost in our own little reflective worlds.  I felt peaceful, inspired, excited, moved.

Wilfredo Lam biographical timeline.
High Museum Of Art.  Atlanta, GA, USA. 

The Wildredo Lam show was inspiring in that it made me realize just how much one can get done in their lifetime. Reading about Lam's biography and being able to see his expressions during that period of his life was incredibly interesting. Seeing what was going on in history at that time gave the experience even more depth. Definitely cool that dude was part Chinese too. Heee.

Fahamu Pecou, High Museum. 

It's been a pleasure watching Fahamu Pecou's art evolve over the years, it just keeps getting better and better.  Can't help but love the guy - he hustles his ass off, is a friend as well as a pleasure to work with.  This is an exciting moment for those that cheer him on and celebrate his progress. Yee!

Jose Parla and Fahamu Pecou collaboration.  High Museum.  


I absolutely loved the collaboration he did with Jose Parla. Parla's paintings are incredibly beautiful.  The color combinations are interesting in each painting, but overall they are incredibly admirable. I just want to sleep in front of them at night and wake up in the morning to them.  

I love this pic of us.  It really was a fun, simple, sunny girly day.  The best.

Afterwards the girls and I took pictures spinning around in these fun, colorful, interactive sculptural pieces. They were so much fun y'all, I had a grown big kid moment and that's when you know you're really living.  Hee heee!

All in all I had a blast, really need to get out more but this is good for now, back to the Bunny hole.   Will come out soon! ;)

Haven't seen this beautiful Lady in over a decade! With Toya Northington.  

Love meeting new friends, with Carrie Beth and Toya.  

Couldn't resist their colors.

Bunny feeling grateful in the sun.

Cheesing with Toya. 

Extra cheese with Carrie Beth. 

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