Monday, April 20, 2015

Bunny Update: Art Papers Magazine Auction, WonderRoot Exhibit, Doo Gallery, VavaVoice Article

Ohhh my God I've been sooo busy in my Bunny hole hustling and bustling along in life.  Here's what I've been up to, I love u! 

Back in February I volunteered at the annual fundraiser Art Papers Magazine Art Auction.  I try to donate at least three hours of my time just once a year to support this awesome cool publication.  All the love, amazing content, all it will grow into, all that it's been.  If I can help keep it going by helping out for a little while just once a year, it's a beautiful thing and so worth it to me.  It's so fulfilling, it makes my heart pitter-patter. Yup. 

With old-time collector Jonathan Simon, visiting from NY.   

Smiling happy with sweet homegirl, Tene.  

With big brother Eric Daniel.  
Gotta love those who've watched you grow up, helping you get to where you are today.  

Had fun at the "Asian Artists Exhibit" at WonderRoot back in March, that was cool.  It was really fun and chill working with Ziyi Zhang and Jess Bernhardt, lots of Bunny love there! Only great memories with the folks over there.  Here's some previous podcasts I've done with WonderRoot, shot out to Floyd Hall too.

Also had a one night pop-up show at Doo Gallery,  Dean Thomas invited me to be in it, in alignment with International Women's Day.  I thought it was cool a dude put this event together in recognition and celebration of this important day in an act to support women. Doog, the owner came and gave me a big hug, said he was a big fan.  Met the gallery's marketing guru Brandie, we had instant rapport.  It's instances like these that keep me going, meeting happy smiling people who are glad to meet you because your art inspired them in some of way. It's those little successes that make you go home feeling accomplished and fulfilled.  The evening was full of new and old friends, laughs, even romance; it was a joyful, memorable evening.  

I met Kimberly at a networking mixer and we really connected as entreprenuerial women.  It was fun and energizing connecting with Kimberly and her staff.  The interns were so sweet,  I really enjoyed the camaraderie with everyone it was incredibly nourishing.  It's so important for us women to have the genuine support that helps us soar.  It makes a world of a difference when you have that kind of support.

Kimberly is owner of VavaVoom, a special sassy place where your sexy parts get primped and trimmed in case you have an unveiling planned.  Hee hee.  They specialize in 
designer waxing, personal skincare, below-the-belt body art, organic airbrush tanning, and good conversation over pink drinks and gumballs. 

am incredibly grateful to Kimberly and VavaVoice for covering me as one of their feature stories.  Check it out HERE.  Bebe (my dog) looks great though I'm always a little shy hee hee.  *bashful Bunny

Other than that y'all I've been keeping busy and enjoying life, being aware and taking action!  And really trying to get adequate sleep.  It is soo dreamy yesss....  Zzzzzz. 

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