Monday, August 4, 2014

NO MORE SEXISM - Calling out "Sexist Offenders"

Made a life changing decision over the weekend.  Reached a point where I absolutely refuse to tolerate any kind of sexist behavior in my presence no matter how small and insidious the offense. The old me would've let the "small stuff" slide. I used to stay silent, not ruffle feathers in fear of pissing someone off.  Eventually holding that silence began eating away at me.  SPEAKING UP not only allowed me to free myself from myself, but will eventually start rubbing off on both genders to no longer accept sexism in any capacity. 

As a regular recipient of sexist remarks (at least 9x last week) I've observed some men attempting to make women inferior in order to feel secure about their masculinity within themselves and with each other.  By allowing a sexist remark to slide, there aren't consequences to face by the "sexist offender" so there's no reason for them to change their behavior. Acceptance of this chauvinist behavior often exacerbates into misogyny; which can then lead to rape, domestic violence, even murder.  

Letting a sexist remark slide is a disservice to both women and men.  It's a disservice to women because by allowing it, it sets the tone that more ill treatment will be allowed in the future.  It's a disservice to men who want the support and contributions of women (especially in business) but aren't willing to provide an atmosphere that encourages women to voice our opinion (much less encourage our male counterparts to support us neither).  Ultimately, it's the project or business that suffers because if women can't speak, how will we ever be able to contribute? And without resentment?

Concerned friends lovingly pleaded with me to "stay silent Bunny, let it go". They warned, "You'll piss people off, they'll say you're crazy, you'll lose friends. You're going to fight a huge battle all by yourself.  They'll come at you hard because they're not used to women standing up challenging them. It can be emotional turmoil."  I experienced all of that, indeed.

There is a silver lining though.  Things turned around last night.  I received a genuine apology from a man that stood up for a male colleague that kept hurling sexist remarks (8x) when I stood up for myself after the initial insult.  Yes, I did piss them off.  I did drop someone whom I considered a friend.  I did fight a battle. They did come at me very hard.  Yes, it was emotionally traumatic. The impact I made was definitely worth it; the sense of personal victory, empowering.  

The biggest consequence to ourselves as women is to continue supporting "sexist offenders" through our valuable attributes, character, and work.  Ultimately, they have always viewed us as inferior therefore we will never be able to speak our minds nor contribute our best benefactions. 

Male peers who don't limit women in our expressions receive the best contributions because we are able to participate fully. Sexist tensions are non-existent which allows  for true collaboration in making things happen.  Yee! 

Learn how to stop sexist remarks here.  

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