Saturday, August 7, 2010

Roller coasters, LA lessons, commitment to health, transition to light

I was rocking out to Motley Crue trimming my bangs, and they ended up a little crooked.  lol  8/7/10

Things have been really busy. Crazy, in fact. The next year and a half will be more than adventurous - it will be a pivotal time in my career, I can feel it. Other than that I've been working my butt off. Moving things forward and kicking adversity in the butt at the same time. In the end, the lessons learned and the experiences give comfort in knowing how to handle BS next time.

I don't have much to tell lately except that I've been really working my ass off. Working on myself refining everything, improving everything. Y'all know I'm a pretty prviate person and don't get out much, except when I do get out. Other than that I've learned quite a few lessons. Maybe in the long view of things some would consider it challenging, but I really am enjoying the journey.

This trip of entrepreneurship has been quite a roller-coaster. Or, I would imagine it like riding a mechanical bull (although I have yet to get on one) or even a real one, for that matter. Life is like riding a bull, I suppose. You just have to get on and hope you stay on.

The lessons I've earned lately have taught me more of how the world works, and how I choose to exist in it. I say "earned" because I really do feel as though these lessons are a blessing, when you realize your epiphany and truth reveals itself. You learn who your friends are, as opposed to who the talkers are (carrot-danglers, as I call them). My tolerance has been short lately I've just been hitting the "delete" button on some folks. lol

I'm a pretty private person so I keep to myself a good bit, going about my business. Pretty much everything just has to step up. I looked at my little counter today, 597 days left. Except the last few weeks has been killer! And the next few are going to be more killer. I've been keeping a good pace this week, catching up on well-deserved sleep, moving forward.

One particular lesson I've learned is that I've allowed people to tell their own story to me. Who they really are. Who the carrot-danglers are, who your real friends are, who really loves you. It's never been more clear. I've never been more surprised by the help I've received from those who you thought wouldn't help you, to being disappointed by those who you thought you could surely count on. That's the thrill of being on a roller-coaster, huh?

There's been so much going on, with this soiree at Bardot @ Avalon, Aug. 11th/8pm, then LA Craft Experience Aug. 14th in Chinatown just this month, it's kinda crazy. I didn't push myself as hard this week but kept things going, while recouping strength. Next week is going to be pretty crazy.

All in all just continuing on with my journey here in LA. Going on six years in September, I can't say I'm growing old of this place yet. In fact, I've barely started to take a bite yet. It feels that way. LA feels "big" to me still. There are so many cool people to meet, things to do, I don't have any time hardly. I stay close to friends in the neighborhood and talk frequently to friends in other parts of LA but I wish I had more time to build more meaningful relationships with my current acquaintances now, especially.

That's what excites me about the city. I have absolutely no regrets about moving here whatsoever. LA has definitely given me the challenge I was looking for, as well as some wild experiences (just as wild as my Atlanta experiences, lol). I've been so busy, I haven't even had the chance to check out Napa, the Redwoods, or much of California but I have been to Big Bear, near Santa Cruz, San Diego. Still, lots to do and see.

Although I received an offer to head back to Atlanta to work on my work for a year and be closer to family, I didn't consider the offer for long. LA never fails to fascinate me with its variety of free, fun stuff to do. I find myself sitting on a beach when I can afford the time often except lately, stress has been high with tight deadlines.

Even standing on a friend's porch today, I was looking at the cars going by, appreciating the way the Cali sun makes everything gleam a certain way. I don't know how to explain it. The way the sun makes everything look, it's different than that Southern East Coast gleam. There's almost something spiritual, heightened; with West Coast gleam. lol But I gotta say the trees on the West Coast can't compared to the trees in the South. The trees out here all look crusty, dried up, you just want to spray with a little squirt of water so bad. Whereas the trees down South are beautifully green, crisp, luscious, juicy, flowing with moisture. Now mix that with some Southern East Coast gleam, and that is called heaven with a glass of homemade lemonade in the afternoon on a rocking chair. Uh huh.

I feel good about LA. I feel as though I have a fresh start on this place. You can only learn how things work in a city after you've paid your time, and your dues. It's nice to be able to decide to start over. After a few tumbles, I still love it here. I am comforted when I fantasize about all the great things that could happen here. You can look out over LA, at LA, look at yourself in LA.... all I can know is, I'm just getting started here. Plus, the California sun makes me feel beautiful. It makes me feel like a golden papaya. ;)

It's true that California makes you more health conscious. I was never very health-conscious, though I stayed physically active. Living in California has really taught me about eating right. Well, I really owe it to Trader Joe's. lol. But seriously, I developed a new habit; I have to eat veggies everyday or else it just feels weird. Lately it's been hard because when stress gets in my way, I really fall off my eating plan and the workout plan. I just end up eating anything to not be hungry instead of reaching for something healthy.

I found out what works for me is Michael Thurmond's Six-Week Body Makeover and Tony Horton's P90X. It's really just adjusting to new habits.

For me the eating plan part of Michael Thurmond's plan was impressive. It's hard to explain, you just have to go to the site and check it out. It taught me how to eat, and what to eat. I was completely lost regarding what was healthy for me but this program really helped me get on track. And the fat just started melting off, literally. The hard part for me was having to eat 5-6 times a day. I found it hard adjusting to being hungry often, and having to eat often.

With exercise I do a combination of cardio and resistance-training. The P90X program is really intense, I just do certain ones. Being outside makes the time go by faster I think so hiking is fun, jogging, and skipping. Hiking is fun I think because it's an intense lower-body workout and just part of the free things you can do in LA. This upcoming quarter I really want to focus on my health: sleeping better, eating right, working out, getting facials,

So the next few years I really want to work on myself. Life is really about living it for yourself so you can serve your loved ones better; dedicating the next few years to my personal development is important to me. I'm really enjoying my thirties, let me tell you. I feel smarter and more sassy, feels life is starting all over again.

I'm really excited to step into the light. The last few years has been rough but that's moving far behind me. I'm ready for the sun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Yun-
I tried calling you on your B-Day but never got in touch wit you. You are looking GREAT! Sexy as Hell. Keep up the hard work.

Gary Swanson