Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who is YUN BAI?

Yun considers herself a “Southern Asian” and her experiences are grounded in this dichotomy. Born in Beijing, China in 1979, she migrated with her parents to Tallahassee, Florida, at age six. She grew up in a conservative, traditional Chinese setting, complete with extracurricular activities, strict discipline and high expectations. But Yun had the most fun swinging off vines and partying around sink holes; some of her fondest memories include running barefoot in the lush trees of Tallahassee. Thus, she is a “Southern Asian” and will always have the graciousness of the South in her heart.

Moving to Atlanta in 1997, she pursued her passion for art at Agnes Scott College, a private women's school. After graduation, she quickly found representation and began showing at galleries around the city and nationally. Her first international show was at Berlin's Gallery 24 in June of 2004. In 2008, Yun was chosen as one of 30 artists invited from around the world to participate in the Chinese Biennial at the Ku Art Center in Beijing, China.

Self and societal exploration are major themes in Yun’s life and work. She favors an eternal optimism, enjoys creating social stimulatory experiments and strives to make sure her art asks provocative questions. She has been recognized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ART PAPERS Magazine, Art Asia Pacific, LA Weekly (Top 10 Emerging Artists), New American Paintings, World Journal, and The Wall Street Journal. She is represented by Visual Arts Legacy Collections (Atlanta, NY, Europe) and New Gallery (Houston). ARTSPROJEKT also recently selected Yun to be amongst their cache of artists on their international merchandising platform.

“I promise to push myself to create the edgiest art the world has ever seen. My aim is to fulfill visions that stimulate society to think through analyzing history, reflecting our current state, or implementing an optimistic ideal of human conditions. There is both beauty and decay in our environment. Like someone that channels, my duty is to observe and learn from both and express it through my perspective, without apology.”


Yun currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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