Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm applying to grad school!

Merry Christmas! I'm officially back on the horse! I decided I'm going to apply to grad school at the end of the year next year. As much as I love LA, I think I gotta do it now, or I'm never gonna do it. I missed applications this year already, well it's technically first week of January but I don't want to rush it and put something sloppy together. I want it to be strong, enough for me to be considered for scholarship money. And it will give me a good year to figure out how I'm gonna fund it with grants, fellowships, etc.  Now is a great time for Yun to have a benefactor (one that doesn't want to go down her pants!) Yay! lol

No seriously I'm gonna have to figure out some guerrilla tactics on how to get this money. That's part of the excitement of going to grad school, isn't it? Funding! Hee hee.

So I would love to go to Goldsmiths; cuz they're so radical, experimental, and just a bunch of freaks who push the edge and that's what I definitely am! Royal College of Art is amazing and Slade School of Art too, all in London. My fantasy has always been to study in Paris but I really didn't see myself getting a strong body of work together and learning French simultaneously so that was out of the question. But London would love some Bunny! I've always wanted to go to Yale and check out NY on the weekends so I'm gonna apply there too. Plus Barbara Kruger teaches at UCLA right now and I could go and learn from her, she's so awesome. Google her. She's bomb. Great! I have a real goal. A full-ride to one of these fine institutions would be a DREAM. Bunnies can definitely dream, yes we can!

So I'm just gonna become obsessed with making work and getting money to go to one of these awesome schools for free. Yay!

Working out, cuz I want a big ass and working on sculpting the most bunnylicious booty you could ever imagine.... lol. I don't know what's wrong with me right now. I'm just happy and excited about grad school and next year; how shit is gonna be off da chain......Yee!

Happy New Year!

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