Monday, December 28, 2009

I saw a ho ...

Ok so I totally looked up the correct spelling of both "hoe" and "ho" to see which one pointed towards "prostitute" but it didn't come up at so I hope I used the right word.

It was quite strange. It was late, say midnight and I was walking Bebe (my new adopted dog) when I really shouldn't have. I live on this stretch of a pretty seedy road known for its prostitutes. Ironic, even when I am fully dressed in a long skirt out walking my dog, I've had cars stop asking me, "Date, date?" So what I'm saying is, if you are a woman walking up and down this street, you might get hollered at because men think you're a ho for hire. So back to the story. I saw this girl, she was definitely for hire (you can tell by how they walk, it's that "look at me" walk.) This car pulls up further down the road; she's smart, she doesn't walk over. So the car comes back, and she jumps in. Then they drive off. And then the night was clear, quiet, and cold; innocent as day.

Except of course I was standing there, feeling like a third wheel. LOL I mean, you know! Not that I wanted to join in with the prostitute and her John or anything, but the fact that I witnessed it, was just a little weird when all I really wanted to do was walk the dog.

But as soon as I crossed the street, all I could do was think about this girl.  I just felt for her. Wondering "Man, that girl must have balls to just get in some dude's car like that". I didn't see a pimp around or anything, I wonder if she worked as an independent. Or really, why she was doing it. Was she doing it because of reasons like why I did what I did back in the day? I never slept with men for money. But the point is, we had a connection. But it just made me really curious what she was doing it for. What were her reasons? You know, writing this I realize, she may be just some street whore according to what I saw; and I was just some college girl stripper--but our reasons, and every woman out there that works in the sex industry has their reasons. All the reasons are VALID. Nobody can deny the validity of these reasons. Whether its for college, to support kids, a drug habit,whatever.  But the yearning, and the intensity of that common goal of financial reward is the same.

So this brings us to ponder.... if such intensity for something exists so fervently, can you punish the means of how it's acquired? If a woman is in dire straits to feed her children, must we judge her in how she acquires what she acquires to responsibly, feed her children?

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