Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PEOPLE always come before MONEY

I learned many lessons in the past 25 hours.....MANY LESSONS.

The main lesson is, PEOPLE always come before MONEY. I always knew that, but I've never had an appreciation for the human heart as I have had today. We are, by nature good. You are good. You want to help. You do good things. It's in our nature. The world is so full of bullshit.

Why not be the exception? Why not make someone's day with encouragement, praise, and recognition? And respect all creation?

Yes, we are entrepreneurs with vision and we must make money; but never, ever, put someone's heart, trust, and loyalty beneath the dollar.

Remember, the only reason they did business with you is because they liked and trusted you. The only reason they referred you is because they believed in you and wanted to help you. The only reason you are making money, is because of THEM. Never ever bite the hand that feeds you (but of course, unless they truly fuck you).

I learned my lesson a long time ago. It's not worth it to lose amazing people over any kind of money. Their friendship is missed, as you will miss them too.

Don't get me wrong; money is important, but compassion for our existence is more important than getting yours. Having someone's trust is the utmost GIFT. It's the biggest honor.

It really is true-the more you give, the more you get. PLEASE BELIEVE, and try it. If things are really rough for you now, just give a little. Whether it's a smile or a thank you, or a dollar to the homeless, I promise it will come back in some way.

GIVERS GAIN. But it ain't about the gaining part. It's the fulfillment you have within your soul when you've made IMPACT.

You'll know what I'm talking about. Try it today. Smile at someone you don't know. Go out of your way to thank someone. We all have personal power to be impactful.

These are hard times for a lot of folks. Let's exude HOPE for our great nation.

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