Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazing things, amazing people....

Wow. Many miracles happened yesterday. I've been up all evening, restless as usual, observing....sleepless...

Learned many lessons today. MANY. I learned, that there are so many wonderful people who LOVE. If you are ever bitter, please stop. There is so much love in this world. SO MUCH. For one, I stayed up all night the previous night preparing for a great presentation. One of my collectors, introduced me to her coworkers / business partners, and her team was impressed with my work, and me. They were all so wonderful, soooo giving, so receptive. I am so grateful Dannielle and friends, SO GRATEFUL. THANK YOU for your love. And they offered to help me because they believed in my mission of what I wanted to exude to the rest of the world.

And many many doors were opened to me. I just have to deliver, and stay true to the mission of inspiring this wonderful creation that we exist in. I had a moment this evening......another restless insomniac all-nighter, reflecting.

I can just say I have sincerity, genuine compassion, and your best interest in mind at all times as much as I am able to give. I had lunch with a new friend today, you know the kind that was meant to be in your life, or maybe not, the kind that exudes love like you do, that contributes to society to give the rest of us, the kind that gives-- the kind that was sent you by the Higher Power to present a message to you. I was putting that energy out there, and it attracted this person. I was inspired. I was.

We are a giving people. We are a giving society. We are a compassionate, special brew. And today was one of those days, that many miracles happened. I saw so much. I saw people smiling. I saw people with courage. I saw people believing in the essence of a higher power. I saw people exuding respect for one another. I saw men and women, respecting the essence of both masculinity and feminine grace. I saw people believing in a vision and wanting to help it come to fruition because deep down they knew there is too much negativity in this world, too much fear, and they wanted to support a vision of bringing compassion to the masses.

THANK YOU. Please believe. For life is short. We only have a limited amount of time. And we don't know how long that time will last. So if you're not doing what you want to be doing, then do what you want to do. And if you're not with the person that you love, then be with the one that you love. And if you're not contributing the way that you want to contribute, then contribute the way that you want to contribute.

It makes a difference. This is our world. Ours. And in the end, our blood, our hearts, are all the same. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, "Society is born by nature good, it's society that corrupts us" or something like that. 

All I can say is, don't be like everyone else. Don't be like 98% of the world that comes from greed, taking, and small-mindedness. Be the exception. Be the model. Be the light that comes from the other 2%. Be the faith for other people. Be the belief that others need within themselves.


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