Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Whitney Biennial?

Gosh it's all I ever wanted was to be included ever since I started doing art professionally in 2002. Well the next one is in March, and I have been doing some serious wishful thinking.

It's weird, that when you focus on something, it really happens! So we'll see what happens with the Whitney. I wanted to get into New American Paintings so bad, and finally made it after getting rejected three times, but made it in issue No. 67. Hey, persistence pays off eventually.

So I've been seriously obsessed with the Whitney for over a year now. I think all my mentors, curators, and friends that are in the art world are so sick of me talking about it! But I really want it bad, just so people can hear the message.

I'm putting it out there Universe! YunnyBunny wants to get into the Whitney Biennial this next time around so bad so the world can hear the message about the Porn Flowers. I'm not here to prove anything, I'm here to express something. Please let that formal letter in writing come in the mail real soon!!!!!

Cross your fingers for me, y'all know I'm a bubbly crazy bitch, but it doesn't hurt to put it out there! I mean, this entry in my blog has to have some magnetic force, right?

Plus, the psychics all have said it's going to happen?

We'll see what happens come March. Hee hee. *hopeful, starry-eyed, grateful..*

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