Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking Porn Flowers To The Next Level, Rappers Supporting Women, Raising Consciousness

Whew BunBuns, there's a lot to be excited about! It's been a while since I've posted, but looking forward to blogging a lot more frequently and spending more time in the studio.  What's exciting is that I'll be able to keep everyone abreast of all that's happening with art, collaborations, adventures, inspirations, growth, life.  

Been working on taking the Porn Flowers to the next level, pushing myself in its development both visually and conceptually.  I want the new work to capture people emotionally, to a level where it propels others to take action in making improvements in their personal/professional life; in raising consciousness.  

The flowers have always been about hope and healing. After I quit working as an exotic dancer, graduated from Agnes Scott College and mom was in remission from endometrial cancer, creating the flowers was an effective way of healing from the pain of dealing with such adversities.  Mostly, it confirmed that I was a flower, allowing me to celebrate and embrace my identity as a woman. No matter what I'd done... I elaborate more on this in my recent WonderRoot Podcast interview with Floyd Hall.    

With the new work I'm creating, we'll revisit the themes of hope and healing.  I was sitting around one day and the words "Love Fear, Heal Death" flashed before my eyes.  The message couldn't have been more clear, so I embraced the idea.  The new work will take a closer look at love, fear, death, hope, healing, consciousness, and one particular thing we all have in common - the will to live. Surely we can all identify with this.  

"But how can I move others with my art?  Propel folks to action?!", I asked myself... Then I reflected upon a lecture I attended at Spelman College back in the day, given by the great Gloria Steinem.  She noted that in order to be "humanist", one has to be a "feminist". That we needed more men to support the women's movement.  This resonated with me then, serving as the inspiration for the new work now.  

President Obama noted that a woman being paid $.77 to the dollar over the course of her life upon reaching age 65, will be shorted over $400,000.  I read on Emily's List  somewhere that a Hispanic woman is paid as little as $.40 to the dollar in some states, and an African-American woman is paid as little as $.50 to the dollar in some states.  According to One Billion Rising, 1 in 3 women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.  

Every time I step out at night, I watch my back for my safety. Whenever I put my drink down, I don't pick it back up (to avoid someone slipping something in it).  I don't allow dudes I don't know well to make my drinks either.  When I walk alone at night,  I walk quickly with my right hand in a fist and my car key poking out in-between my index and middle finger in case I need to jab someone in the eye when throwing a punch... Sad thing is, chances are a woman you love feels the same exact way when it gets dark.  

So what does this have to do with the Porn Flowers?  I'm gonna get as many dudes as I can to support the women's movement - through the most unconventional ways. Through global community outreach, starting right here in Atlanta.  How's that for "art process"? Hee hee.  

I envision a global porn donation drive where men from all over the world will send in their porn magazines to raise consciousness in support of women.  I envision rappers and the hip hop community enthusiastic in support of women's rights. I envision tears; smiles; acknowledgement and understanding of a woman's experience, pertaining directly to a woman these men love. Impact within my immediate community, expanding into our global community, leading to a rise in consciousness for a lot of people... Yee!

Am I scared? Hell yah I'm scared. But I'm more excited! Always believed that if a creative or business idea doesn't give me sheer fear in my execution of it, then I'm not being edgy enough; that I'm not out of my comfort zone enough. I hope the new work can heal a lot of people.  Bring a lot of folks to a new consciousness within themselves, so we can collectively be reminded of the strength and resilience of the human spirit - in our celebration of the will to live.   

Will you join me BunBuns?  Will you? :)

- Yun Bai aka YunnyBunny

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