Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ascension; human nature; the Bunny way

I am so glad it's a new year! Lots of energy; excited; new lessons; new possibilities. Just so proud to look behind you and think, "I survived that". To look ahead and think, "I'm gonna get that". To be in the present and think, "This is really awesome".

Made goals, have a plan, and just implementing now. Painting again, deciding how this bi-coastal thing is gonna go down. Lots of traveling this year, so it's all up in the air. But I just have to trust and go with the flow.

One thing that I've regained is FAITH. I've discovered an ascension of sorts within myself. A shedding of who I've been into a newer, better version of me. I'm working on becoming her. Had a conversation with a stranger recently about faith and realized somewhere in all that mess last year, I'd lost mine. I had determination, but I'd lost faith...

Another thing I learned was about human nature. A friend said, "Yun, people are naturally selfish". I so didn't want to believe it. Yes, people can be selfish. So if that's the "norm", then I will do the opposite. After all, I've always been a rebel. lol I will rise above to do extra good. Never one to go along with the crowd, I won't go this time around either.

Throughout all this it's become clear who I'm gonna be. How I'm gonna run things from now on. The cool thing is, I will remember exactly who treated me with respect and was in my corner and who rubbed my face in the dirt. I think it's funny when people reveal who they really are to you.

But through all this, I've ascended. Ascended to a whole different level within myself. I am so glad all this stuff happened to me, because it just made me that much stronger. If anything, it's brought out the beautiful side of human nature- I've chosen to "see" the wonderful side of the love around me, but especially my own nature.

I've chosen to release myself from the negativity surrounding me as I've learned how to channel it into motivation. Hell, I know everyone talks. Your friends, acquaintances, everyone talks about everybody. Perhaps that's just part of human nature. But to let it get to you is when one has lost themselves. I've seen it and witnessed it in others. They get so enthralled in what others say and what people think, what's going on with others that they completely make a fool out of themselves; losing themselves. Becoming a sad, insecure victim within their own realm. The most freeing of freedoms is to not give a damn about what others think. I'm happy to say, I've finally reached that.

In this recent search of love, spirituality, faith, and authenticity, I've truly ascended and grown. Forgiving is so freeing and powerful. Being generous and giving is freeing and powerful- not to mention, indifference. The lesson I learned through all of this, is don't get involved in other people's insecurities and projections of themselves. I accept responsibility that I've allowed myself to get caught up in others' false fears within and of themselves. Accusations, negative opinions, paranoia.

Upon reflection, you can't help but genuinely just love them more. I know, "Yun did you just say love?" WTF? Yeah y'all. Love them. Because it's through pure genuine love that the situation dissipates. I've realized that instead of responding the same way they come at you, to rise above and come at them with love. Then it causes them to step back and look at the situation from a different perspective and often they realize what they were projecting upon you in the first place. To resolve, is to rise above. And really, whoever has the last "lick" is the real loser. Simply because they didn't have the control to resolve for themselves to walk away.

What is the Bunny way? I'm gonna try something different. With the world in such a state of uncertain flux, I will hold peace and certainty; stability and calmness within. Regaining faith has allowed me to do that. Trusting myself has allowed me to do that. While I can't control the chaos within others' hearts or what is happening outside of me in the world, I have absolute control to have peace and serenity within myself. Furthermore, I have the POWER to bring that peace, serenity, and certainty to other people. That is good use of power, I think.

So if human nature is a selfish, self-serving, "it is what it is and you can't do anything about it" behavior, then so be it. Perhaps 99% of the world operates on that level. But that won't be my nature. My nature is to be completely true to myself and do as much as I can to serve and love. If people think I'm too happy, too excited, too nice, too forgiving, too genuine, too authentic, too whatever- then they kind of have a new problem on their hands don't they? lol

That's another thing - in being kind and constantly reaching out to others, there is another benefit besides experiencing the pleasure of helping someone. The person you're reaching out to shows exactly who they are by their response (or sometimes, their lack of response lol). Y'all know it's a given that I'm simply genuine and nice to everyone I meet. It's a virtue I hold close to my heart and quite proud of, as kindness takes discipline and really, is an art form. lol It's true, laugh all you want (but you know I'm right).

We've heard that saying, "Kindness is weakness". But is it? Or is it really strength and discipline? Example: I was at the grocery store getting some salad dressing the other day. I approached the cashier with the same outgoing happy attitude that I usually do when meeting people. This lady wouldn't make eye contact, didn't smile, slouched over; when I thanked her, she didn't reply and just looked straight ahead. Ok, I reckoned, maybe she's having a bad day- we all have bad days as I know I'm not always happy and enthusiastic to see people. Then her co-worker said hello and she immediately lit up, was all smiles acting warm, full of energy and I thought, "WOW. This lady is really that disconnected from her world and living in such a small cocoon for herself that joy and abundance can't float freely through her all the time".

So you see, in being kind to someone, it's really a test of that person's own virtue and how they are (or aren't) able to handle kindness and abundance coming at them. After all, you're just reaching out to give assistance; support; and good vibes; right? It's not really your problem if they can't handle it, true?

Note: So in essence, kindness isn't weakness. Kindness is a power, a blessing that you bestow on others. How it is treated and received is a reflection of the person you're giving it to; telling you multitudes about them.

Also, don't get it twisted- just because sweet benevolent Bunnies have the discipline and abundant heart to be kind doesn't mean we can't turn into growling clawing tigers when defending our turf as a very necessary, last resort. ;)

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