Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gonna be MIA for a lil while...

You guys, now that the dust has settled I can finally focus on what was planned prior to the minor distractions. I consider them "minor" because in comparison to how much worse things could have been, they really are minor. One of the things I learned is to keep things in relative perspective- and to always ask, "Compared to what?" I could say, "Yun you dealt with a lot of drama the last few months". But then you have to keep it in perspective and make it relative to things that could be much worse. I credit learning this from 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. I love this book so much, it's my Bible for mental toughness.

Sad to say, I won't have as much time in the next few months to dedicate to blogging as much as I'd like. My team and I are planning a big launch of sorts; plus I have to build inventory like crazy. Sold out of mostly all current inventory, except New Gallery (Houston) has a good selection of various works ranging from Porn Flowers to whimsical fun gauche drawings and even some "Nipple Portraits". Sophia Louisa Projects in LA also has some pieces on consignment including four new pieces of the latest Porn Flowers. Make sure you go to "39Now" opening at d.e.n. contemporary Nov. 18th! Visit Sophia's website for details.

It's exciting to be in a position where demand for work is high yet there's still a lot to do. The creativity part is the easy part as there's so many ideas flowing constantly. The challenging part is finding the time to do all the admin/marketing/schmoozing/managing necessary to keep it going. Hey, I'm not complaining- just so EXCITED! Bunny Yee! (excited squeal)

Won't say too much but planning a big launch, making new porn flowers while fulfilling existing commissions, and experimenting with new art ideas (ping pong ball peace doves!). Just making it all come together. Bunny POW!

Thank you for your support darlins, I am so grateful to even have the opportunity to go after a dream. I'm a lucky bitch!

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