Monday, March 22, 2010

Musicians, this crusty Hulk looking dude really inspired me today... LOL!

Emerging musicians please read:

It is completely unefficient and rude to blast people's MySpace pages with your videos/music players that play automatically when anyone goes to that person's profile. It's bad enough to spam people's comment pages, but at least give people the choice to hit play if they want to instead of blaring your rock, rap, whatever right when anyone goes to their page- in this case, mine. It's like blasting a boombox right infront of someone's front door. Better yet, don't blast your music to other people's pages at all. I don't, and I have more going on now than ever. I make connections quickly and easily that blossom into meaningful collaborations, without having to spam people's pages.

Musicians ask yourselves - do you want people to hear your music and appreciate you as a musician or do you want people to categorize and associate you as a spammer? And hit the "spam" button so all your efforts in posting your hundreds of videos on people's pages to go DIRECTLY to their spam folder? Isn't that just a waste of time? Wouldn't you rather be playing music?

One of the things I learned and try to do is associate myself with pleasure - to be a source of joy and pleasure for people. To bring value, resources, sales leads, encouragement, ideas, friendship, sometimes even telling it like it is when you have to; I try to contribute whenever I can, as much as I am able. When you build a real friendship / relationship with someone, connecting and networking is so smooth it just comes easily and naturally. Because you are a real ally and your friends are your real allies. In fact, you know them so well you know their work background, what their company does, who their company serves, what they need in order to get to the next level, and in fact, you know their product and services so well that you are a walking mouthpiece on their behalf. That's a real connection. That's you being a real ally. And in turn, they will do the same for you. Instead of spamming hundreds and thousands of people that will get your ass blocked or sent to the spam folder, wouldn't it make sense to connect with, say, 15 key people that you meet online and build real connections with so they can distribute your album, get you a huge show somewhere so you can be heard by thousands, or possibly getting your song on the radio?

I feel that for all of us artists, including visual artists as well, that a lot of us are completely clueless about how to approach people to talk about your work. I know, it's intimidating and it's hard to talk to people and reach out, it seems weird and out of the ordinary, because it is. The majority makes the same excuse to not invest the time, get out of their comfort zones to meet people, and build meaningful relationships with people. But they do invest their time to blast thousands, only to end up in the spam bin. All I'm saying is, not only do you have to invest time in networking, but you have to invest in marketing the right way.

The first step is investing the time and some books into basic networking through books, magazine articles, a mentor, etc. My favorite networking books are Little Black Book Of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer, and The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling. Read them both and you will be good to go. And just use common sense. Ask yourself, "Would I be annoyed with this if I received this?"

Now, some entertainment. Because I am a classy and merciful bunny, I will spare further embarrassment upon this musician (because Lord knows he is severely embarrassing himself plenty) out there blasting himself to earth's end on our MySpace pages. I was on the phone with someone who was like, "Yeah you have a rock song playing on your profile" when I realized that someone's song is playing automatically when anyone goes to my page! So I went to my profile page,, and there was this song just blasting and I had to scroll through to figure out which dude it was, then delete his comment. All I could think of was, "You fucker, you ass!" lol The point is, I didn't listen to his music. I didn't want to listen to his music. He and his music went straight to the trash.

So back to this fool that just makes all rock people look bad. LOL I love rock y'all don't get me wrong but this one fool I will spare him, his poor Hulk looking ass, replies to me with the following after I made it clear that I didn't appreciate him spamming my page with his music and that it wasn't an efficient marketing tool. Hell it's my page, I'm allowed to defend my turf if Mr. Hulk is stepping on my bunny paw. lol So Mr. Hulk replies, "Shut the fuck up. You're the only bitch taking the time to complain. blah blah blah".

LOL!!! Classy. He is gonna get far. Maybe that's why he is jobless, as he notes this on his website. Musicians, this is not the way to go. Your music could be great but if you're like this, no one will want to work with you. The spamming of people's MySpace pages is not the way to go either. Building relationships with people on MySpace that you can work with in win-win collaborations that could increase your exposure to a wider audience is a different story.

Thanks Mr. Hulk, your ignorance has inspired me to serve and provide resources to my friends in hopes of enhancing what they're doing yet once again. Good job!


Anonymous said...

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Yun Bai said...

Thanks for this resource. I will check it out! Haven't hooked up my blog yet, but I will. One thing at a time. :) Have a great weekend!