Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New music coming to website...stay tuned!

Hey y'all. I've been working my little bunny brain on all kinds of influences, developing ideas. Been reading Richard Branson's "Losing My Virginity" for inspiration. LOL. Dude was wild. Dude was a freak. I can't wait to meet him one day. Hee hee.

Hanging out with emerging hip-hop artists and other musicians for collaborations with my website. It's exciting! I'm listening to a new song now, it's hott. If you like hip-hop I hope you'll like this next song. I decided to continue collaborating with emerging musicians to support and help promote their music. We will have some free downloads available, and certain downloads will be available for download, 100% going to charity based on the musician's choice. I believe in giving back and music has always inspired my art so it seems only natural for me to collaborate with musicians. This is a cool way for us all to win and love. I am personally excited to see what charities the different musicians will choose. I plan on changing the song at least once per quarter, then maybe eventually once every two months. But then again I'm damn busy and this last song by DJ Rilla has been on here for almost two years. LOL

Shot out to DJ Rilla. Y'all make sure to go visit his website to see what he's been up to. We hung out the other day, as eclectic as he is (a true compliment), his music is truly outstanding to me. He'll put anything on, he'll just start playing something, and the shit sounds good. You're really bumping to it.

So that's all for now y'all. I have lots of tricks up my sleeves. Stay tuned. I'm only letting little tidbits out because you have no idea what kind of crazy shit we have planned for 2010. I am really glad I decided to read Branson's book to "set the tone" before I dove into my business plan. Yeee!

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Girl...a ho...is a hoooo...is a hooo!!! To hoe the field is a bitch!!! lol