Sunday, August 10, 2008


I miss making art! Not making art is like not having an orgasm. Since January! Can you imagine? lol I miss that creative release.

The only thing I've made this year is my piece for Beijing. Yah, I'm gonna start painting again. My soul yearns for it. I could feel it. The way the paint melts into the wood. Like foreplay. Yah. Gonna get back to it. And you wonder why I hide out up here with me and Buster? In the BunnyPad, my haven? Bunny is private. I rarely go out. I'm a homebunny. Home is where the love is. So just gonna pour my heart out, and paint it. Let it all out. And then I'll show it when I'm ready.

I think success is most pure when you don't care about the success, or the money, or the write ups, or the attention, or the shit that people say about you. Cuz in the end, I just don't care? I don't care. The only thing I care about, is that I gave it my all. I pushed myself. My heart is on this painting, my love, my compassion, and my good intentions. All that matters, is that I said what I had to say, without apology.

I've learned that in life, we're not here to prove anything, but to rather, express something. My fellow artists, my fellow creatives, be grateful that in the wee hours of the evening, in Beethoven's moonlight when we think the clearest with the most clarity, our inspired visions that come to us come as no accident. It is our duty to deliver so the world can enjoy and respond to it. We are a medium. The art travels through us. We'd let the world down if we never even attempted to make it existent?

An idea is just an idea. It is never anything until it comes to fruition. We owe that to humanity, don't we? It's fruition and an attempt, in its completion.

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