Thursday, July 24, 2008

Balance and Quality = Clarity

As much as I wanna focus on financial world, I still have to finish my commitments in art world with high standards. As one of my many mentors tells me, "It's not about potential, Yun, it's about EXCELLENCE". Man, all my mentors in both art world and financial world have just been kicking my ass. I mean, the kind of S&M spanking that just turns your ass cheeks bright red....I love a good ass spanking, just makes you forge ahead and keeps you accountable. And I love the many people that are straight shooters and tells it to you straight. I like blunt people. :) Because sometimes I think in such a complex way, in such a technical way, that I miss the common sense point, I miss the big picture.

Yah so that's what's up. I just can't put anything else on the calendar anymore unless it's a big opportunity for art stuff, because I just can't keep up with it. Right now we're booked until May 2009 for my solo with Houston, and sending some pieces out to this other gallery for consideration, but other than that I just can't do anything else. Unless it's a big opportunity you know? I wanna focus on quality, no quantity.

Yah. Just gotta relentlessly focus! Ok, gotta get this database together, get newsletter out, shower, then off to merchant services financial training tonight. It's good to be busy. Makes you feel alive, doesn't it?

YunnyBunny says, "FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!"

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